Finger Toy Stress Reducer Fidget Spinner ( Assorted Color )

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Everycom state of the art spinner is for one and all. A student. A working professional. A stay at home mom. A five year old. And even a fifty five year old. Our Fidget Spinners are specially designed to help increase the focus of the user and Everycom understands that this is more than just a fidget toy, this fidget device is built to improve the focus of those with adhd, autism, anxiety and stress. Chewing your nails, clicking your pen or tapping your feet can be distracting to those around you. Our fidgets are constructed with a silent spin technology which makes it less distracting to your colleagues and classmates. The reason fidgets are one of the top selling toys on the market today is because they allow the mind to rest as the hands are engaged with something non distracting. Our customers have loved our focus toys for kids and adults. Everycom strives to always provide you with top notch products.

  • Spin away your stress research shows that Fidget Spinners reduce stress, promote higher level thinking and helps adhd, anxiety and boredom our spinner is designed for the business professional, students, children and adults alike
  • Increase focus and lateral thinking everyone fidgets biting your nails, clicking your pen, twiddling your thumbs fidget motion is here with a less annoying, distracting and destructive way to fidget channel your thoughts and focus on accomplishing what you need to while doing something fun and engaging
  • Created for non stop spinning our spinners spin for well over 2 minutes right out of the box plus, with the metal carrying case and pocket sized spinner, you can take this fidget toy anywhere plus, our spinner is quiet enough that you can spin without distracting others
  • New ultra grip design other spinners have a flat finger grip which can make you drop your spinner or have it slip out of your hand fidget motion's unique design includes inverted grip steps to ensure a solid grip plus, it's made from 100 percent child safe plastic
  • Perfectly balanced for extreme spinning our spinner is machine balanced and perfectly oiled to ensure uneven weight distribution doesn't slow you down balance it on 1 finger, another spinner or something else
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